Two original photographs of Joan Miro, circa 1968

Joan Miro (subject)
Daniel Frasnay (photographer)

N.p. N.p., Circa 1968. Two vintage borderless photographs of artist Joan Miro in his studio in Mallorca, circa 1968. Stamp of photographer Daniel Frasnay on the verso of each photo.

Paris-born photographer Daniel Frasnay began working as a freelance photojournalist in the early 1950s, initially documenting the Parisian cabaret and nightlife scene of the period. Frasnay befriended many leading artists of the twentieth century over the course of his career, and was best known for his 1969 book "The Artist's World," which featured portraits of 40 artists, including Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, William de Kooning, Rene Magritte, and of course, Joan Miro. Frasnay's work was the subject of a 2005 documentary, "Daniel Frasnay, le royaume et l'exil," directed by Philippe Jadot.

7 x 7 inches. About Near Fine.

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