J'ai Deux Amours! mon Auto-Thermos et mon Perco-Thermos

Paris: Thermos, 1946. Vintage French advertisement for Thermos coffee makers.

Featured in the advertisement is an illustrated likeness of Josephine Baker holding a coffee percolator (the "Perco-Thermos") and standing next to a butler holding a pressure cooker (the "Auto-Thermos").

Produced at the height of Baker's popularity in France after World War II, the advertisement cheekily plays on the dual meaning of Baker's 1931 song "J'ai deux amours" ("I have two loves"). While the song ostensibly refers to a love triangle, contemporary audiences would have understood the unspoken reference to Baker's widely known bisexuality, with the "two loves" being a man and a woman.

59 x 38.75 inches. Linen backed and rolled. Near Fine with some professional restoration and repair at the original folds.

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