Book 4: Parts I and II [One and Two]

London: Wieland, 1912. First Edition, second issue of Part I, and First Edition of Part II. Second issue of Part I, with publisher's address noted as 33 Avenue Studios in Kensington.

The first two books in Aleister Crowley's legendary treatise on magick and occult practice. Part I focuses on mysticism, describing Crowley's system of yoga, which borrows heavily from other yogis, including Patanjali and Yajnavalkya. Part II focuses on magick, detailing the accessories and practice of ceremonial magick.

Part I: Very Good plus, with no dust jacket as issued. Boards moderately rubbed, with spine cloth slightly frayed and old cello tape residue on the first page, presumably from a former bookplate.

Part II: Poor, with no dust jacket as issued. Board covers affixed to white paper wrappers with cello tape.

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