Collection of fifteen original photographs of automobile tire testing by the US Rubber Company, circa 1950s

New York: United States Rubber Company, Circa 1950s. Collection of fifteen vintage photographs of automobile tire testing by the US Rubber Company, at the Lancaster, California proving grounds, circa 1950s. All with "For Editiorial Use Only / Please Credit United States Rubber Company" stamps, and five digit photograph identification number stamps on the versos. Fourteen photographs with mimeo snipes from the Public Relations Department of the United States Rubber Company attached to the verso and folded over the recto.

The tires tested in the collection are noted as US Royal Air Ride Tires and US Royal Master Tires, with the test vehicles averaging 760 miles a day in the desert terrain of the Lancaster proving grounds. Among the tests shown in the collection: A chipping test track, utilizing "extra hard and sharp flint." A zig zag course. A chuck hole test. A steel cone test (after building up tire temperature to 200-270°, of which one is noted as being performed 20 times without failure). Polished skid slabs followed by a wood barrier, which the vehicle not using US Rubber tires is shown colliding into. Sunlight and weathering exposure tests. Mud testing, in which as much as 700 lbs of mud is utilized to test durability against flex break punctures. And two custom skid trailer tests, a directional skid trailer, testing how far tires skid in a straight forward line when locked, and a lateral skid trailer, testing how fast a driver can handle a curve without side slip.

Founded in 1892, the United States Rubber Company was one of the original twelve stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In 1961 the company became Uniroyal Inc., in an effort to create a unified brand for its products and subsidiaries by 1967.

8.5 x 10 inches. Near Fine overall.

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