Archive of ten original oversize photographs of drive-in theaters, taken variously between 1977 and 1982

N.p. John Margolies, 1977-1982, struck in 1981 and 1991. Archive of ten vintage oversize photographs of drive-in theaters across America, taken variously between 1977 and 1982. Three photographs struck in 1981 and seven photographs struck in 1991. All photographs signed by the photographer on the verso, identifying name, date, and location.

States represented in the archive are Texas, Virginia, Ohio, California, Washington, and Michigan.

Architectural critic, photographer, and author John Margolies is best known for his photographs of vernacular and novelty architecture, most notably roadside attractions built during America's automobile culture of the 1950s, taken between 1969 and 2008. Approximately 400 of the photographs appear in his 2010 monograph, "John Margolies: Roadside America," and in 2016 the Library of Congress created the public domain, "John Margolies Roadside America Photograph Archive," consisting of 11,710 color slides of his photographs.

All photos 20 x 16 inches. Generally Near Fine.

[Book #157865]