Archive of nine original screenplays for six unproduced blaxploitation and exploitation films, written between 1974 and 1979

N.p. N.p., 1974-1979. Archive of nine Draft scripts for six unproduced blaxploitation and exploitation films, written by screenwriter Frank Saletri between 1974 and 1979.

Saletri, a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, harbored a lifelong interest in exploitation films, especially blaxploitation. He worked as a part-time screenwriter and producer, founding FRSCO Productions, headquartered in the Hollywood General Services Studios until Frances Ford Coppola bought the lot in 1980. Saletri's screenwriting work was largely unproduced, with the exception of the 1973 film "Blackenstein," and the possible exception of "Black the Ripper," a questionably apocryphal film whose existence has been debated for decades among grindhouse fans. Saletri would be murdered in 1982 in a mysterious and still-unsolved shooting, widely attributed to the mob.

Scripts represented include:

One Draft script for "Black the Ripper" (1974)

One Draft script for "Black Frankenstein Meets White Werewolf" (1974)

First Draft, Second Draft, and Third Draft scripts for "The Secret of the Maltese Falcon" (1975)

One Draft script for "Sherlock Holmes in the Adventure of the Golden Vampire" (Circa 1977-1978)

One Draft script for "The Big Sleep of the Casablanca Falcon" (1978)

One Second Draft script and one Third Draft script for "The Skid Row Slasher" (1979)

Scripts range from Near Fine to Very Good plus.

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