Original press kit for the German experimental rock band Can


Los Angeles: United Artists Records, 1974. Vintage press kit for the German experimental rock band and krautrock pioneer Can, 1974, including a group portrait photograph of the band and a two-page "Bio" of the band and its members, on United Artists letterhead, dated December, 1974.

One of Krautrock's most influential bands, with backgrounds in the avant-garde and jazz, Can was formed in Cologne in 1968, and blended elements of psychedelic rock, funk, and musique concrète, and became a pioneer of the burgeoning Krautrock scene. In 1974, the year of the press kit on offer here, Can signed with United Artists Records and released their fifth studio album, "Soon Over Babaluma," their first album following the 1973 departure of vocalist Damo Suzuki.

Photograph: 8 x 10 inches, with a few small faint emulsion spots, else Near Fine.

Biography: 8.5 xx 11 inches, stapled with a single staple to the top left corner. Near Fine.

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