Excuse My Dust / The Reivers

Roy Rowland (director)
Stephanie Nordli, Bellamy Partridge, George Wells (screenwriter)
Red Skelton, Sally Forest, Macdonald Carey, William Demarest, Monica Lewis (starring)
Mark Rydell (director)
William Faulkner (novel)
Irving ravetch, Harriet Frank Jr. (screenwriter)
Steve McQueen, Sharon Farrell, Ruth White, Michael Constantine, Rupert Crosse (starring)

New York City: WNEW-TV, Circa 1970s. Vintage promotional photograph from a televised broadcast of the 1951 and 1961 films. With mimeo snipe adhered with cello tape to the verso promoting both films' broadcast on July 4 on Channel 5.

Excuse my Dust follows a man who invents a car in 1895 is ridiculed for his invention by everyone but his girlfriend, until another woman tries to win him over.
The Reivers is based on the 1962 novel by William Faulkner. The Reivers follows an 11-year-old kid who steals a car and travels to Memphis with his two friends to see a girl he likes. Nominated for two Academy Awards, including the first nomination for a Black actor in the Best Supporting Actor category for actor Rupert Crosse.

Excuse My Dust was shot on location in San Francisco.
The Reivers is set in Mississippi and Memphis, shot on location in Carrolton, and Greenwood, Mississippi and Newhall, California.

8 x 10 inches. Fine.

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