The Headless Ghost

Herman Cohen, Kenneth Langry (screenwriters)
Peter Graham Scott (director)
Richard Lyon, Liliane Sottane, David Rose (starring)

London: Merton Park Studios, 1958. Draft script for the 1959 horror film. Annotations in manuscript pencil on seven pages.

A low-budget production made to accompany producer and co-screenwriter Herman Cohen's 1958 horror film "Horrors of the Black Museum"—the first of the Anglo-Amalgated's "Sadian trilogy," as coined by film critic David Pirie—as a double bill for the US release.

While hiding in an English castle to see if ghosts are real, three college students encounter, and attempt to help, a ghost cursed to wander the castle without his head. Written in two weeks and filmed in three, the film used many of the same sets and locations as "Horrors of the Black Museum."

Set in the fictitiously titled Ambrose Castle, England.

Red untitled wrappers with a die-cut window in the British style. Title page present, dated 3rd November, 1958, with credits for screenwriters Kenneth Langtry and Herman Cohen. 62 leaves, with last page of text numbered 61. Mimeograph duplication, rectos only. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine, bound internally with three flat metal brads.

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