Alba Regia [Les cigognes s'envolent a l'aube]

Mihaly Szemes (director)
Gyorgy Palasthy (screenwriter)
Bela Levay, Tamas Sipos (short story)
Tatyana Samoylova, Miklos Gabor, Imre Raday, Hedi Varadi (starring)

N.p. Europ-Films, 1961. Vintage French poster for the 1961 Hungarian film, seen here under the French title, "Les cignognes s'envolent a l'aube."

Based on a true love affair between a Hungarian doctor and a Russian girl during World War II. A man recalls through flashback the parting words of a woman, "I'll Come Back." Director Mihaly Szemes' best-known film, winner of a Silver Prize at the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival (1961).

Shot on location in Hungary.

22.5 x 30 inches. Folded as issued. Near Fine.

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