Salvatore Giuliano

Francesco Rosi (director, screenwriter)
Patrick Morin (photographer)
Suso Cecchi D'Amico, Enzo Provenzale, Franco Solinas (screenwriters)
Salvo Randone, Frank Wolff, Sennuccio Benelli, Giuseppe Calandra, Pietro Cammarata (starring)

Oslo: Billed Sentralen, Circa 1962. Vintage borderless double weight reference photograph of director Francesco Rosi on the set of the 1962 Italian film. Distribution stamp on the verso, along with a stamp crediting photographer Patrick Morin.

Based on the true story of Italian bandit Salvatore Giuliano, who rose to prominence within the Mafia after the 1943 Allied invasion of Sicily. Shot in nonlinear documentary style, with Giuliano's character off-screen for most of the film, Rosi's narrative today stands as an example of minimalist neo-realism at its finest.

Shot on location in Sicily.

10.5 x 8.25 inches. Very Good plus, lightly creased at the corners.

Arrow Academy 970. Criterion Collection 228. Schrader 50.

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