London and New York: E.G. Records / Polydor, 1979. Original vinyl pressing of the 1979 LP. Boldly SIGNED by Robert Fripp on the rear panel.

Robert Fripp terminated the first run of King Crimson in 1974 and moved to Hell's Kitchen in New York to become an active part of the burgeoning punk/New Wave scene there. He produced records and recorded with the likes of Blondie and The Roches, intent on merging the "Frippertronics" techniques and tape-looping he had developed with Eno in England into a new sound.

Fripp originally envisioned "Exposure" as being part of a trilogy of albums, mated with Daryl Hall's ambitious "Sacred Songs" and Peter Gabriel's second album, "Scratch," both of which he produced and sonically shaped. The record ultimately came to be its own entity, and while a number of vocalists were involved (Hall, Suzy Roche, Gabriel), it has an overall distinctive sound, and today remains one of Fripp's most engaging experimental rock records.

Disc, inner sleeve, and outer sleeve Near Fine, with minute rubbing to the corners of the outer sleeve.

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