The Decameron

Beverly Hills, CA: Produzioni Europee Associati [PEA] / United Artists, 1971. Vintage photograph from the 1971 film by still photographer Mario Tursi, with his stamp at the verso, including his name, address, and phone number in Rome.

The first film in Pasolini's Trilogy of life, followed by "Canterbury Tales" (1972) and "Arabian Nights" (1974), a light and sumptuous adaptation of Boccaccio's work, "The Decameron," replete with nudity, sex, and both slapstick and scatological humor. With a score by Ennio Morricone. The three films will be released as a set by the Criterion Collection in winter 2012.

7 x 9.5 inches. Near Fine.

Criterion Collection 631.

[Book #128192]

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