Ring Round the Moon

N.p. N.P., 1950. Draft script for the 1950 play.

An English language adaptation by Christopher Fry of Jean Anouih's 1947 play "Invitation to the Castle." A story about two twins, a cold, manipulative playboy named Hugo and his sensitive brother Frederic. Frederic is in love with Diana, the daughter of a self-made millionaire, but Diana desires Hugo rather than Frederic. In order to show that Diana is fickle and not worth his attention, Hugo invites Isabelle, a lower-class dancer whom Hugo transforms into a society woman and aristocratic woman.

This is the script for the play's Broadway run at the Martin Beck Theatre, debuting on November 23, 1950 and closing on January 13, 1951, for a total of 68 performances.

Set in 1950s France.

Goldenrod titled wrappers. 97 leaves, mechanical duplication. Pages Fine, wrapper Near Fine, bound with two gold brads.

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