Joseph in Egypt

N.p. N.p. Draft script for an unproduced play.

Joseph, son of the biblical Jacob, is sold into slavery when he brothers begin to feel jealous that their father loves him more than all of them. He is brought to Egypt where he serves the Pharoah and a judge's wife lusts for him. He rises to a position of great esteem in a time when a famine has overtaken the whole region of Egypt and around it, forcing ten of his brothers to buy grain from the Egyptians. Joseph toys with them until revealing at the last moment of the play that he is their forgotten and presumed dead brother.

Set in biblical Egypt.

Gray titled wrappers with credit for screenwriter Klausner-Brandstatter. Title page present with credit for screenwriter Klausner-Brandstatter 158 leaves, mimeograph duplication. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine, internally bound with three gold brads.

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