Seven Sweethearts [Tulip Time]

Burbank, CA: Warner Brothers, 1942. Draft script for the 1942 film. Actor Van Heflin's copy.

A 1942 film musical with a somewhat controversial trajectory. Seven years after its release, Hungarian playwright and concentration camp survivor Ferenc Herczeg sued MGM for plagiarizing his 1903 play, "Seven Sisters." Paramount legally adapted the play into a film in 1915. However, during the 1941 production of "Seven Sweethearts" Herczeg was imprisoned within a Nazi concentration camp. Subsequently, he only learned of the film's existence years after his release. The suit settled out of court for a substantial sum of money.

Script is lacking front cover and some early pages. Rear cover is goldenrod. 153 leaves, mimeograph duplication, with pink revision pages throughout, dated 3-23-42. Pages Near Fine, rear wrapper Near Fine, bound with two gold pins.

Hirschhorn, p. 212. Warner Archive.

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