5 [Five] Branded Women [Jovanka and the Others]

Hollywood: Paramount Pictures. Final Draft script for the 1955 film. Actor Van Heflin's copy, with his name on the front wrapper and his holograph annotations throughout. Based on the novel "Jovanka e le altre" by Urgo Pirro.

Once branded himself by the House Un-American Activities Committee, award-winning director Martin Ritt focuses on the cruel branding of five women in this wartime drama. Some of his better-known films (The Spy Who Came In from the Cold, Norma Rae) also deal with the question of social and ethical choices in the face of pressure. In this story, the savagery of the Yugoslav partisans as they fight off Nazi occupation forces is also vented on five women accused of Nazi sympathies because of their sexual association with one German officer. The women (played by Silvana Mangano, Vera Miles, Barbara Bel Geddes, Jeanne Moreau, and Carla Gravina) have their heads shaved in order to brand them as traitors. (Eleanor Mannikka, AllMovie)

Filmed on location in Italy and Austria.

Orange untitled wrappers, with the Dino De Laurentiis stamp and numerous annotations. Title page present, noted as Final Draft, with credits for screenwriters Michael and Achilles, for screenwriter Pirro, and for director Ritt. 153 leaves, mimeograph duplication, with annotations throughout. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine, internally bound with two gold brads.

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