Trzesienie ziemi [Earthquake]

Mark Robson (director)
George Fox and Mario Puzo (screenwriters)
Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy (starring)

Poland: ZRF, Circa 1975. Original Polish A1 poster, circa 1975, for the 1974 US film. Artwork by Mieczyslaw Wasilewski.

Academy Award-winning (Best Sound) thriller about a construction engineer (Heston)and his possessive wife (Gardner, who insisted on doing her own stunts). The engineer, Graff, has an affair with Denise Marshall (Genevieve Bujold), the widow of a coworker. Graff's wife, Remy, puts into action several plans to keep Graf from seeing Denise, but everything comes to a halt when a devastating earthquake rips through Los Angeles. One of few films to be released in "Sensurround" sound, where theater seats would actually vibrate at a low frequency to mimic the "feel" of the film.

22.5 x 32.25 inches. Faint stains to one edge, else Near Fine.

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