Notes on actor Rip Torn

[Rip Torn] Terry Southern

N.p. N.p., circa 1973. Seven-page manuscript, executed in manuscript pencil with numerous corrections. An early rough draft of an essay by Southern regarding his first encounter with actor Rip Torn, which, oddly, is more an encounter with the concept of Rip Torn than Rip Torn himself (though Torn would ultimately become one of Southern's closest friends and confidants). The piece was ultimately published as "One of the Real...ah...Originals" in the April 1973 issue of Saturday Review of the Arts.

With reference to his involvement in "The Cincinnati Kid" during Sam Peckinpah's brief tenure with same, Southern describes a meeting with the film's producer, the producer still reeling from Peckinpah's acrimonious departure (Norman Jewison would ultimately take the directorial reigns). The bulk of the essay details how Southern wrote a new scene in the midst of the change, introducing what would become Torn's character, Slade, a "gentleman" card shark.

Full provenance available on request.

Lined notebook paper, rectos only, 8.5 x 11 inches. Near Fine.

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