Falling Upward

Burbank, CA: Pandemonium Theatre Company, 2001. Original poster for the 2001 Falcon Theatre production of the Ray Bradbury play "Falling Upward!" The production ran from November 27, 2001 to December 30, 2001.

"Falling Upward!" was known to be one of Bradbury's favorite plays, and he often encouraged its production, especially as he advanced in age, simply for the joy of being able to see it again. Set entirely in an Irish bar with an entirely male cast, he had in previous incantations considered the addition of a lone female cast member before deciding that was historically inaccurate. The play coalesced out of his experiences in Ireland, which he first wrote into a short story entitled "The Anthem Sprinters," and which then were later incorporated into "Falling Upward!"

Bradbury was an avid playwright and a familiar and enthusiastic presence in the Southern Californian theater circuit near his home. In 1963 he and director Charles Rome Smith founded Pandemonium Theatre Company. The two friends would go on to work with the company together for the next four decades, until Rome's death in 2004.

11 x 17 inches. Fine condition.

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