Obsession: The Films of Jess Franco

Munich: Grauf Haufen and Frank Trebbin, 1993. First Edition.

An utterly obsessive, minutely detailed examination of Spanish exploitation director Jess Franco's illustrious career, divided into two sections: an extensive, photo-illustrated filmography that includes analysis and reproductions of even the most obscure country-of-origin posters and advertisement for each film, and a set of interviews by Franco's contemporaries (and Franco himself), including Howard Vernon, Jack Taylor, William Berger, and others. Profusely photo-illustrated throughout, with great tribute paid to the director's rarely-clothed, and rarely-sane leading ladies.

While firmly in the pit of the horror-exploitation tradition, Franco distinguished himself by way of his colorful themes, which included lesbian vampires, women in prison, surgical horror, zombies, nuns, sadomasochism, and even cannibalism. He also incorporated elements of giallo, crime fiction, science fiction, and comedy into his work. Thought of by many to be the European Ed Wood, he churned out a nearly impossible number of films, many under pseudonyms, using a devoted circle of exhibitionist leading ladies, actors, and technicians over several decades, always working on a shoestring budget.

An indispensable resource for the Francophile.

Near Fine in a Near Fine dust jacket.

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