Diana Rigg in fashion promo shot for The Avengers

N.p. N.p., Circa 1965. Vintage press photograph of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, the iconic female character in the classic British television series, "The Avengers." Here Rigg stands on a polar bear skin rug laid out near the shoreline of an unknown British locale. Shot by photographer Terry O'Neill to promote the hiring of John Bates (who worked for noted designer Jean Varon). A mimeo snipe on the verso of the photograph goes into some detail regarding Varon, Bates, and O'Neill.

Bates became Ms. Riggs' costume designer in the second half of the show's fourth series in January 1966. He created for the character a wardrobe of black and white op-art mod clothing and mini skirts. Prior to this then-radical shift, it was believed that lines, circles and other bold patterns would not work well with the television cameras of the day. Too, this fashion change was introduced prior to the mini skirt becoming mainstream, and weighed heavily in that fashion shift in the UK. Bates licensed his designs to several manufacturers under the Avengerswear label and these pieces were sold in various shops throughout the country.

Emma Peel's character was iconic in the 1960s from the standpoint of both fashion and female liberation. She was a heroine, rarely bested in a fight, and routinely rescued her male counterpart Steed from trouble. She was a master of martial arts and a formidable fencer. She was a certified genius, specializing in chemistry and other sciences, and was often seen in episodes engaging in artistic hobbies. Just to leave no vista unconquered, she also had success in industry at the helm of the company of her late father, Sir John Knight. She drove a convertible Lotus Elan at high speeds, and convincingly portrayed any series of undercover roles, from nurse to nanny. Her favorite guise was that of a women's magazine reporter, trying to interview big business tycoons and rich playboys. The name "Emma Peel" was a play on the phrase "Man Appeal" or "M. Appeal," which the production team stated was one of the required elements of the character.

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