Death Warmed Over

N.p. N.p., circa 1980. Treatment script for "Death Warmed Over," which would later be turned into a radio broadcast and aired in on September 24, 1980 on the Mutual Radio Theater program, then replayed on December 3, 1980. Mutual Radio Theater, formerly the Sears Radio Theater, changed names in 1980 when the program moved from CBS to the Mutual broadcasting network. Tubelle was the head movie critic at "Variety" magazine in the early 1960s.

A man is cryogenically frozen when he dies a day after his wedding and is revived 30 years later, having asked his wife to wait faithfully for his return to life. An ambitious attempt to reinvigorate a neglected field, the Mutual Radio Theater programming was known for its high caliber writing, and was hosted by the likes of Andy Griffith, Vincent Price, and Leonard Nimoy, and others.

Pale blue studio wrappers. Title page present, with credits for writer Lawrence Tubelle. 42 leaves, mimeograph duplication. Pages Fine, wrapper about Fine bound with two gold brads.

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