Autograph letter signed from René Clair to Daniel Selznick, 1968

1968. Autograph letter signed from noted director René Clair to producer Daniel Selznick, executed on hotel airmail stationery. In French. Included are two photostat copies of related letters from Selznick to Clair (also in French), as well as a ditto-style mimeograph copy of a wire from Clair to Selznick noting where Clair is staying during May 1968. The letters involve a project for Universal, for which Selznick is soliciting Clair's involvement.

A rough English translation of the letter reads: "Dear Mr. Selznick / It is with pleasure that I would examine with you the project described in your letter of July 23 (which got to my address in Paris on August 1, and was then delivered to me here). / I am in St. Moritz at the above address until August 20, then Neuilly, then Madrid.  Please let me know where and when it would be convenient for us to meet.  Warmly, René Clair."

Daniel Selznick, the son of David O. Selznick, is best known as a producer for films such as Peter Bogdanovich's "Targets" (1968) and various documentaries about Hollywood. His association with his father allowed him many opportunities to meet and correspond with numerous actors, actresses, and directors of note.

Note: 5 x 4 inches. Bonded stationery stock, Near Fine. Photostat letter: 8.5 x 11 inches.

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