Mean Mother

New York: Independent-International Pictures, 1974. Original Pressbook for the 1974 blaxploitation film "Mean Mother."

Notable as a slightly atypical blaxploitation film hailing from Italy, "Mean Mother" tells the story of two Vietnam War deserters who flee to Spain and Italy and get involved in the European crime world. Shot partly on location in Italy.

Largely low-budget and geared towards a young urban audience, blaxploitation films often depicted African Americans overcoming hostile authorities through cunning and violence, as well as conflicts internal to the culture. Though some of the first mainstream films to feature predominantly black casts and introduce previously non-represented elements of black culture, including the notable use of funk and soul music in soundtracks, they were also panned for furthering stereotypes about black people.

Despite the controversy that the genre instilled, its motifs remain culturally relevant to this day, often parodied, acknowledged, and imitated in modern films and music.

Six pages, saddle stapled, 11 x 17 inches. About Fine.

Howard, Blaxploitation Cinema, p. 69, 172.

[Book #134849]