The Chaplin Revue

Beverly Hills, CA: United Artists, 1959. Original lobby card for the 1959 film "The Chaplin Revue," a re-release of three of Charlie Chaplin's earlier films: "A Dog's Life" and "Shoulder Arms" (both from 1918), and his final short film, "The Pilgrim" (1923).

Lobby card No. 7 in the set depicts a scene from "Shoulder Arms," where the Tramp is a boot camp private who goes on a mission in enemy territory. The 1959 re-release included a new soundtrack written by Chaplin, designed to increase appeal to modern audiences.

Universally acclaimed as an actor, director, and producer, Chaplin and his iconic Tramp character especially captured the hearts of the filmgoing population, and to this day he is considered a legendary innovator in comedic cinema. By rereleasing his films together in this manner he hoped to win over a new generation of audiences to his character, and to an extent it worked. Though Chaplin would remain in Europe throughout the 1960s, his status in the public eye as a blacklisted Communist began to shift.

14 x 11 inches. An attractive piece, in Near Fine condition.

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