Five Miles to Midnight [Le couteau dans la plaie]

N.p. N.p., Circa 1962. Vintage oversize borderless double weight press photograph of actor Anthony Perkins on the set of the 1962 film, "Five Miles to Midnight," a thriller directed by Anatole Litvak, shot in Paris. Quite candid, with the actor smiling at his dressing table.

An exceptional candid shot that reminds of us of how time has honored the deep subversiveness of Perkins' performances. His seamless blend of boy-next-door charm with deep, unsolvable psychological problems balanced with low affect, was evidenced repeatedly in his 1960s work. Others of same include the cruelly overlooked French thriller "Le glaive et la balance" (Andre Cayatte, 1963), as well as "Psycho" (1960), "The Trial" (Orson Welles, 1962), and "Pretty Poison" (Noel Black, 1968).

7.75 x 11.75 inches. Near Fine.

Grant, p. 143.

[Book #135045]