Grands soirs et petits matins [Mayday]

William Klein (director, photographer)

N.p. William Klein, 1968. Vintage photograph, shot by director-photographer William Klein, during the making of his landmark documentary. With Klein's stamp on the back, noting his address in Paris.

In making his cinema verite documentary about the occupation of the Sorbonne begun during the May, 1968 protests in Paris, Klein received unprecedented access to student leaders, activists, various committee meetings, and the general assembly. Filmed during late May and early June of 1968, the film is less a picture of the birth of a radical movement than it is a catalog of the everyday struggles, both practical and intellectual, of maintaining focus on, moving forward from, and ultimate dissipation of that foundational revolutionary spirit.

7 x 9.75 inches. In an archival mat. Near Fine.

[Book #135608]