Ruby Gentry

King Vidor (director)
Silvia Richards (screenwriter), Charlton Heston, Jennifer Jones, Karl Malden, Tom Tully (starring)

Los Angeles: Twentieth Century-Fox, 1952. Vintage black-and-white linen-backed keybook still photograph from the 1952 film. Ownership rubber stamp (Christopher C. Geest) on the verso. Two hole punches at the top margin, as issued. Pictured is Jennifer Jones cold-cocking Charlton Heston at the beach.

Jennifer Jones offers a virtual reprise of her sultry performance in "Duel in the Sun" as the titular heroine of this film. Born into a poor-white-trash Southern family, Ruby intends to improve her lot by marrying into wealth. Her casual beau Boake Tackman (Heston) considers Ruby unfit for marriage, but prosperous businessman Jim Gentry (Malden) is eager and willing to make her his wife. Jim Gentry dies in an accident, and the consensus of opinion is that he was killed by the covetous Ruby. For some reason, this ignites a passion in Boake, and he renews his torrid romance with the widow Gentry. Ruby's crazed brother, Jewel (James Anderson), puts an end to this affair with a shotgun, provoking a violent response from Ruby and a "Lady or the Tiger"-esque ending.

Shot on location throughout California.

8 x 10.75 inches. Near Fine.

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