King Kong

Universal City, CA: Dino De Laurentiis Company, Circa 1976. Vintage borderless black-and-white double single reference still photograph from the 1976 film.

Fifth in the "Kong" series of films, and the second to be titled simply "King Kong". Fred Wilson (Grodin), an oil magnate from Petrox Oil, is looking for new petroleum deposits on a recently discovered Pacific island. Jack Prescott (Bridges) is a paleontologist, stowing away on Wilson's ship, who warns that they are headed for "Skull Island," where prehistoric monsters still live and roam free. Also along for the ride is Dwan (Lange), shipwrecked in the ocean after the sinking of a yacht. The group lands on the island and a giant ape, Kong, becomes fascinated by Dwan. The ape kidnaps her but Prescott comes to her aid. Wilson locks Kong in the cargo hold of his ship and transports him to New York City. Once there, Kong manages to escape and wreak havoc upon the city, before being compelled to climb up the World Trade Center for sanctuary.

Set in New York, shot on location in California and Hawaii.

Winner of a Special Achievement Academy Award, and a Special Award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. Basis for the sequel and box-office mishap, "King Kong Lives," starring Linda Hamilton.

7.75 x 10 inches. Near Fine, with brief ink annotations on the verso.

Lentz, 9. 1251. Muir US.

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