Bonekickers: The Cradle of Civilization

James Strong (director)
Ashley Pharoah, Matthew Graham (screenwriters)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Hugh Bonneville, David Ryall, Nina Sosanya (starring)

London: British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC], 2007. Draft script for the 2008 television episode "The Cradle of Civilization," from the series "BoneKickers."

An English archaeology professor working on high-profile artifacts encounters various personal, professional, and political dramas. In "The Cradle of Civilization" his team attempts to thwart opportunistic looters stealing Babylonian relics in the wake of the Iraq war, and discover some startling artifacts themselves. Set in Iraq.

Tall white self wrappers as issued, noted as READTHROUGH DRAFT on the front wrapper, dated 13th November 2007, with credits for screenwriter Graham and 28 other crewmembers. Title page integral with the front wrapper. 68 leaves, with last page of text numbered 67. Mechanical duplication. Pages about Fine, wrapper Near Fine, side stapled.

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