Spaceways: Volumes 1-5

New York: Playboy Paperbacks, 1982. First Edition, first printing, all paperback originals. Each volume INSCRIBED by the author, Andrew J. Offutt, on the first page to his son, noted writer Chris Offutt. "Corundum's Woman" (Number 2) is simply signed on the first page. From the author's estate.

Offutt had gained some success writing adult novels in the 1960s and 1970s, using pseudonyms like John Cleve, Turk Winter, and Jeff Woods, and began to write legitimate science fiction and fantasy novels in the mid 1970s. He wrote and edited several fantasy series, including "Thieves' World" titles and "Swords Against Darkness." The "Spaceways" series (nineteen books, 1982-1984), along with his "Crusader" series published by Dell and Grove, bridges the gap between his two best literary genres: erotica and fantasy.

Follow Janja, a sex slave on a distant planet, Captain Jonjuta, a wanted freebooter with low morals, and the Jarps, alien crew members with unusual sexual attributes (a must on every spaceship).

Titles included: "Of Alien Bondage" (Number 1, May, 1982), "Corundum's Woman" (Number 2, May, 1982), "Escape from Macho" (Number 3, June, 1982), "Satana Enslaved" (Number 4, July, 1982), and "Master of Misfit" (Number 5, August, 1982).

All volumes Very Good in illustrated wrappers.

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