Hal Roach archive of letters relating to the promotion of "Topper"

N.p. N.p., Circa 1937. Small archive of letters from the Hal Roach Studios archive, all relating to the promotion of the 1937 film.

11 letters in all, dated throughout 1937. Very nice content, 3 of which are address to the Hal Roach Studios, having to do with the promotion of Constance Bennett in the film. Noteworthy among these are letters from George Hurrell (regarding his photographs of Miss Bennett), radio personality Terry Donovan, and Lord & Thomas advertising. The remaining 8 letters are all office carbons of letters from Roach relating to advertising tie-ins (Wonder Bread), invitations to the set, lunches with the press (Associated Press), the Los Angeles Police Department, distributors, and a tie-in with the Golden Jubilee.

All letters 8.5 x 11 inches, typescript and carbon typescript, non-carbon letters all on original letterhead. Very Good or better overall, pages supple.

[Book #137646]