Original photograph of Pablo Casals, circa 1950s

N.p. N.p., Circa 1950s. Vintage borderless double weight photograph, circa the late 1950s, depicting world renowned Spanish cellist and composer Pablo Casals playing the cello, while his wife Marta looks on in the background. Rubber stamps for photographer Helene Jeanbrau, the Dalmas Photography Agency, and the International Magazine Service, with light holograph annotations in pencil and blue pencil on the verso.

A musical virtuoso, Casals was playing solo cello recitals by age fourteen, having learned piano, violin, and flute by the age of four. A fervent critic of Frederico Franco's dictatorial Spanish regime, he vowed to not return to his homeland until democracy had been restored. Tragically, this would not occur until two years after his death at age 96.

6.75 x 9 inches, housed in a 15.75 x 19.75 inch white mat. Near Fine condition.

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