Doc Savage

New York: DC Comics, 1989-1990. A collection of ten original comics featuring Doc Savage, published by DC, all SIGNED by writer Mike W. Barr on the front wrappers.

Doc Savage was featured by DC Comics beginning with a four-issue miniseries in 1987, followed by twenty-four issues, including an annual issue. Other characters throughout the run included Doc's love interest Monya, his grandson "Chip," and a crossover series with The Shadow, another pulp-era crime-fighting hero. DC would also collect stories into trade paperbacks and issue crossover one-shots with super heroes like Batman.

Issues included are:

Nos. 12, 14 - Sunlight Rising! (Parts 2 and 4), September and November 1989.
No. 15 - The Sea Baron (Part 1), December 1989.
No. 18 - The Conflagration Man (Part 4), March 1990.
Nos. 19-21 - The Air Lord (Parts 1-3), May-July 1990.
No. 22 - The Asteroid Terro (Part 1), August 1990.
No. 23 - Hermes, Messenger of Death, September 1990.
No. 24 - Death from Above (Part 3), October 1990.

A few with short corner creases, light edge rubbing to all. Very Good plus overall.

[Book #138789]