The Moment of Truth [Le moment de la verite]

Francesco Rosi (director, screenwriter)
Pedro Beltran, Ricardo Muñoz Suay, Pere Portabella (screenwriters)
Miguel Mateo, Jose Gomez Sevillano, Pedro Basauri, Linda Christian (starring)

Paris: Federiz / A.S. Film, 1965. Vintage French Moyenne (medium) poster for the 1965 Italian-Spanish film.

Arguably the best film on bullfighting ever made, based on the life of real torero (bullfighter) "Miguelin" Miguel Mateo. Charting his rise and fall, focusing on the bloody end, the audience is plunged right into the ring, as close to death as the bullfighter himself.

22.75 x 31.25 inches, folded. Pinhole tear to the center, and a brief notation on the verso in ink.

Criterion Collection 595.

[Book #138993]