Paris Top Secret

Pierre Roustand (director)
Philippe Bouvard (narrator)
Jerome Savary (music)

Paris: Belga Films, 1969. Original French moyenne (medium) poster for the 1969 Belgian-French film.

Little known film capitalizing on the exploitation genre of the late 1950s that extended into international success as the "Mondo" film, a subgenre of the many "shockumentaries" (documentaries produced largely to shock the audience) of the era. This color film covers juvenile delinquents in Paris, and the poster boasts "the devil's wives," "nudists," "lost dogs in Paris," "the kissometer," "crocodiles in a bathtub," "prohibited ceremonies," and "tribute to Sade."

22.5 x 30.5 inches, folded two times as issued. Brief edgewear, and two central pinholes, else Near Fine. Uncommon.

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