Notebook containing film strips, technical notes and tests results for film and camera settings, including "Multiple SIDosis"

Sid Laverents

N.p. N.p., 1959-82. Notebook belonging to legendary amateur filmmaker Sid Laverents containing 73 pages of manuscript notes on various film and camera tests, lighting, settings, and other technical aspects of filmmaking made between circa 1959 and 1982. Included are 21 film strips laid or tipped into the notebook, with accompanying annotations, and each generally between three to four inches in length. A single page contains what appear to be notes on timing for Laverents' landmark 1970 short film "Multiple SIDosis."

A machinist and engineer by trade, Sid Lavarents began making amateur films at age 50, experimenting with various techniques. A self taught musician, he recorded himself playing a song on multiple instruments, re-exposing the film multiple times, to produce his most iconic work, "Multiple SIDosis," which was selected for inclusion by National Film Registry in 2000, where it remains one of only a small number of amateur films to be given that honor.

Housed in a 4.5 x 7 inch faux leather notebook, with an internal metal ring binding clip. Pages Near Fine overall.

[Book #139099]