Robert [Bob] Willoughby (photographer)
Jack Lemmon (director)
John Paxton (screenwriter)
Katharine Topkins (novel)
Walter Matthau, Deborah Winters (starring)

Burbank, CA: American Broadcasting Company [ABC], 1971. Vintage oversize, double weight, borderless still photograph of Walter Matthau and a fetching Deborah Winters from the 1971 film, based on the 1965 novel by Katharine Topkins. Nominated four Academy Awards, including a Best Actor nod for Matthau, starring in his friend Jack Lemmon's first and only directorial effort. Although not indicated, shot, struck, and mounted by the film's still photographer, Bob Willoughby. Full provenance available.

After studying with Saul Bass at the Kann Institute of Art in Los Angeles, photographer Robert Willoughby began working for magazines such as "Life," "Look," and "Harper's Bazaar" in the late 1940s. He spent the next 20-plus years as a set photographer for every major studio and magazine, with his images seen in print literally every week of his career. Willoughby's photographs are in the permanent collections of ten museums, including The National Portrait Galleries in Washington, DC and London, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Tate Modern.

9.25 x 13.5. Fine.

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