The Shopworn Angel

Beverly Hills, CA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [MGM], 1938. Draft script for the 1938 film. Based on the short story "Private Pettigrew's Girl" by Dana Burnet, and published in "The Saturday Evening Post" on September 14, 1918. Copy belonging to an unknown crew member, with holograph pencil annotations throughout.

Jimmy Stewart plays an idealistic soldier who convinces a Broadway star (Margaret Sullavan) to pretend they're dating in order to impress his other soldier friends. Meanwhile, Sullivan's manager (Walter Pidgeon) has always been in love with her, and objects to the pair's closeness, even as they decide to get married before Stewart is shipped out to France. Stewart and Sullivan pull off surprisingly believable roles for a plot of such sickly sweetness in this, their second on-screen pairing.

The third film based on Burnet's "Saturday Evening Post" story, the first two being the 1919 George Melford silent film "Pettigrew's Girl," and Richard Wallace's part-talkie "The Shopworn Angel" (1928), starring Gary Cooper. Set in New York.

Goldenrod titled wrappers, rubber-stamped copy No. 2268 and production No. 25077, dated 3/16/38, with credits for producer Joseph L. Mankiewicz and screenwriter Waldo Salt. Distribution receipt laid into the script. Title page integral with the first page of the text, as issued. 108 leaves, with last page of text numbered 108. Mimeograph duplication. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Very Good bound with two gold brads.

Warner Archive.

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