La Nostra Vita Comincia di Notte [The Subterraneans]

Beverly Hills, CA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [MGM], 1960. Vintage Italian Locandina poster for the 1960 US film.

From one perspective, a fairly one-dimensional representation—perhaps even a caricature—of Beat culture, but culturally fascinating in that it was made at the height of the Beat era, with A-list talent by a top studio, and, until Walter Salles' 2012 adaptation of "On the Road," was the only feature-length film ever made from a Kerouac novel. Kerouac was paid $15,000 by MGM for the rights to the book, and bought his first home with the proceeds, on Long Island.

A film that rarely screened today, and has never been available on any kind of home viewing format. While its perspective on the actual Beat scene may be skewed or wildly misinterpreted, it is nonetheless important as an interpretation of Kerouac's world from the outside looking in.

Shot on location in San Francisco, California.

13 x 27 inches, folded. Near Fine with light wrinkling.

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