The Killing Kind [Are You a Good Boy]

Curtis Harrington (director)
Tony Crechales, George Edwards (screenwriters)
Ann Sothern, John Savage, Ruth Roman, Luana Anders (starring)

N.p. Media Cinema Group, 1972. Revised Draft script for the 1973 film. Here under the working title, "Are You a Good Boy?"

In his review of the Dark Sky Films DVD release of the film, critic Glenn Erickson notes "The Killing Kind is one of the better films from Curtis Harrington, the California-grown avant-garde filmmaker who became a maker of horror films starting with the Val Lewton-inspired "Night Tide" in 1961." After spending considerable time as a regular at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris, Harrington wrote some of the first critical analyses of the horror film.

Much of Harrington's work mixed show-biz with Psycho-like pathology; this film's mad killer has deep Freudian scars, an unhealthy relationship with his mother and a bad habit of disassociating himself from his heinous acts. Harrington uses interesting veteran performers and picks some excellent newcomers—both John Savage and Cindy Williams would become stars."

Young Terry Lambert is forced to participate in a gang rape, and spends two rough years in prison, emerging with a destroyed mind. He returns home to live in his mother's boarding house. Upon the simple mention of his mother's annoyance with the woman Terry raped, Terry decides to murder her as well as a lawyer who has failed to get him a reduced sentence.

Shot on location in California.

Blue titled wrappers, noted as Revision on the front wrapper, dated October 6, 1972 114 leaves, with last page of text numbered 114. Mechanical duplication, with blue and pink revision pages throughout, dated variously between October 6, 1972 and October 24, 1972. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine bound with two gold brads.

Dark Sky Films. Thrower, Nightmare USA.

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