The Red and the White [Csillagosok, katonak]

Miklos Jancso (director, screenwriter)
Gyula Hernadi, Luca Karail, Valeri Karen, Giorgi Mdivani (screenwriters)
Jozsef Madaras, Tibor Molnar, Andras Kozak (starring)

Budapest: Mafilm, 1967. Vintage Hungarian program for the 1967 film. Photo-illustrated with scenes from the film, including one large image on the entirety of the verso. Text in Hungarian.

One of the masterpieces of Hungarian cinema. A Russian-Hungarian co-production, "The Red and the White" was originally commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia in which the Bolsheviks seized power. However, Jancso chose to set the action two years later in 1919 and showed Hungarian irregulars supporting the Communist "Reds" in fighting the Tsarist "Whites" as the two sides battled for control in the hills overlooking the Volga river. As well as deviating on the required setting, Jancso also chose to use a radically different approach to the film than that expected. Rather than shooting a hagiographic account of the birth of Soviet communism, Jancso produced a profoundly anti-heroic film that depicts the senseless brutality of the Russian Civil War specifically and all armed combat in general.

7.75 x 3.5 folded, 15.25 x 10.75 unfolded. Near Fine.

Rosebaum 1000. Vogel, Film as a Subversive Art.

[Book #141810]