Grave of the Fireflies

Isao Takahata (director, screenwriter)
Akiyuki Nosaka (novel)

Tokyo: Shinchosha Company, circa 1988. Preparation Draft script for the 1988 Japanese animated film. Based on the semi-autobiographical 1967 short story by Akiyuki Nosaka. Text in Japanese.

A draft script of the film, in which the ending had not yet been finalized. "Grave of the Fireflies" follows the final days of two Japanese children during World War II, and though it contains few combat scenes remains one of the most riveting war films ever made. Short story author Akiyuki Nosaka heartily approved of the animated film of his work, noting that he believed it was impossible to create the bleak backdrop or find child actors able to create a film of the subject in any other way. The second film animated by Studio Ghibli, best known for its animated films directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and the only Ghibli film under Tokuma Shoten ownership that had no involvement from them.

Black perfect-bound wrappers with silver titles. Title page present. 128 leaves, with last page of text numbered 124. Mechanical duplication, with three green title pages pages at the front of the script. Pages Fine, wrapper Fine.

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