Gillo Pontecorvo (director, screenwriter)
Vittorugo Contino (photographer)
Franco Solinas (screenwriter)
Susan Strasberg, Laurent Terzieff, Emmanuelle Riva, Didi Perego (starring)

Rome: Cineriz, 1960. Collection of 18 vintage borderless single weight studio still photographs from the 1960 film. Starring actress Strasberg is seen in all photographs, before and after a buzz cut, always in pinstripes, with a candid image of director Pontecorvo discussing aspects of Strasberg's trimmed hair. Numerical annotations in holograph pencil on the versos of all but one, and five with Contino's rubber-stamp on the versos.

Strasberg portrays a Jewish women sent to a concentration camp during WWII, leading an escape plan even as the turmoil of war threatens to defeat her will. Pontecorvo's engaging war film with feminist undercurrents, albeit overshadowed by what would become his most accomplished film, "The Battle of Algiers" (1966). Nominated for an Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film).

Shot on location in Yugoslavia.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine, slight curling.

[Book #143876]