Stowaway in the Sky [Le voyage en ballon]

Albert Lamorisse (director, screenwriter, producer)
Andre Gille, Maurice Baquet, Pascal Lamorisse, Jack Lemon, Ole Neumann (starring)

Paris: Films Montsouris, 1960. Original French premiere invitation for two people from the 1960 French film, here under the original French title. Illustration recalling the design of the film's posters, printed on card stock in orange, green and blue, noting the date and location of showing, Wednesday, September 14, 9 pm at the Marignan (theatre in Paris). The film was presented by Cinedis and Pathe Cinema, its distributors, with music credited to Jean Prodromides, and filmed in "Helivision: La Camera Volante" (The Flying Camera).

Director Lamorisse starred his own son, Pascal, as a boy who stows away on his grandfather's (Gille) hot-air balloon that is less controllable than suspected. They narrowly escape church spires, and snag clotheslines and party guests, Pascal enjoying every minute.

Lemmon narrated the English version, and subsequently bought the rights to the film. Winner of an OCIC Award at the 1960 Venice Film Festival.

6.5 x 8.25 inches, printed recto. Near Fine.

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