Send a Woman When the Devil Fails [Quand la femme s'en mele]

Alain Delon, Edwige Feuillere, Jean Servais, Bernard Blier, Jean Lefebvre [Lefevre] (starring)
Yves Allegret (director)
Charles Spaak (screenwriter)

France: Regina, 1957. Collection of 6 original still photographs for the 1957 French-Italian film, here under the original French title. Actress Feuillere is prominently featured, in glamour poses and answering the phone. All with ditto-style mimeo snipes on the verso, crediting the original title, Feuillere, Servais, Blier, and Allegret. Also included is a business card for starring actor Lefebvre, here as Lefevre, with an inscription in French and initials by him in manuscript ink. Housed in a manila envelope with French film title and a credit for director Allegret in manuscript ink.

Based on the 1956 novel "Sans Attendre Godot" by Jean Amila (Meckert), who wrote mostly science-fiction and mystery novels. Noirish crime thriller about night-club owner Godot (Servais), who hires hitman Jo (Delon) to rub out an enemy, convinced of his wife Angele's (Feuillere) adultery. Angele might be the femme fatale, as she moves in on the hitman.

5 x 7 inches, envelope twice as large, and business card a third smaller. Near Fine overall, with slight curl to the photographs, light foxing to the business card.

Selby Worldwide.

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