La Parisienne [Une Parisienne]

Michel Boisrond (director, screenwriter)
Annette Wademant, Jean Aurel, Jacques Emmanuel (screenwriters)
Serge Beauvarlet, Vincent Rossell (photographers)
Charles Boyer, Henri Vidal, Brigitte Bardot, Noël Roquevert (starring)

Paris: Cinedis, 1957. Collection of 150 vintage black-and-white keybook contact sheet photographs and 8 loose photographs for the 1957 French-Italian film. The film is represented in test shots, set design shots, and many candid moments from the set, including dramatic high-contrast images of starring actors, Bardot amply represented in the collection and seen in nearly every image, off-camera with the cast and crew, spinning records on a portable player, and traveling by plane and train.

Most keybook photos with 12 images per sheet, and a few have been trimmed to only a few images per sheet, amounting to over 1700 images captured. Nearly all images with series number bordering the image, but unlike similar examples from France, all sheets lack credits for the photo laboratory, film studio, film title, and often, the photographer. A few with cropping annotations in manuscript pencil on the image, a few with brief annotations on the verso in manuscript ink, and two loose photographs with ditto-style mimeo snipes on the verso, crediting original title, Boyer, Vidal, Bardot, and Boisrond. Housed in a blue paper 2-ring binder with French title mounted on the front with cello tape.

Boisrond's fourth directorial credit is a comedy starring Bardot as the flirtatious daughter of the prime minister of France who marries a member of the cabinet (Vidal), who happens to be a womanizer. Taking control of the situation, she has an weekend affair with a prince (Boyer), and ultimately reunites with her husband after somewhat passive apologies.

Most keybook contact sheets and 3 loose photos 7 x 9.25 inches, binder slightly larger, and 5 loose photos 5 x 7 inches. A few contact sheets are cropped slightly smaller, and all are 2-hole punched. Very Good Plus overall, keybook photos rubbed.

[Book #144104]