Odd Obsession [The Key] [Kagi]

Kon Ichikawa (director, screenwriter)
Junichiro Tanizaki (novel)
Keiji Hasebe, Natto Wada (screenwriters)
Machiko Kyo, Ganjjiro Nakamura, Junko Kano, Tatsuya Nakadai (starring)

Kanagawa, Japan: Daiei Studios, 1959. Collection of 6 vintage US publicity photographs from the 1959 Japanese pink film. The first of several films based on the Junichiro Tanizaki. Released in Japan as "Kagi" and with the alternate English language title "The Key."

An elderly antique dealer struggles with his aging body and looming impotence. To grapple with his anxiety he introduces his daughter's boyfriend, a handsome doctor, to his younger wife. The jealousy and voyeurism that follow invigorates his dying spirit, but the chaos he has introduced eventually takes a horrific toll. Winner of the 1960 Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

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