French-Canada travel

France and Canada: Various, 1968. Archive of 63 original photographs, contact sheets, and 8mm and 35mm film negative strips for French and Canadian Offices of Tourism in the late 1960s, amounting to over 280 images, many being press photographs with mimeo snipes affixed to the versos, and several with cropping annotations, names, and press agency rubber-stamps. Housed in original colored folders with numerical and title annotations in ink throughout.

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Insightful images of the tourism industry in Canada, regarding its close ties to France and Korea, and the members associated with its operation, with candid peeks of surrounding official gala events. Fashion shots of businessmen in with a looming new Skyline Hotel in Ottawa, members of the office in Paris, including manager Pierre Turcotte, press photos from the 23rd Canadian Federal-Provincial Tourist Conference in 1968, and highlighting the archive are several photos and film negative strips of a white Renault car promoting Canadian Pacific Airlines, in it a singing cowboy who, with a young blonde woman, meets an unsettling costumed mascot oddly resembling the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Among the names included in the mimeo snipes, annotations and rubber-stamps are Brandily, the Hotel Champlain in Montreal, Schloesing and Cacas in Banff, Alberta, Globe Photo, A.T.P. Trans-Press (Paris), photographer Gilles Boinet, AGIP Robert Cohen, M. de Canecaude, Minister of Industry Jean-Luc Pepin, James A.C. Auld, Madame Georges Vanier and footman, photographer Gaby, Charles de Gaulle, M. Maurice Schumann, the Paris Bureau O.N.T.C. (Korean National Tourist Office), and more.

Photos range from 2.25 x 4 inches to 9.5 to 11.75 inches, negative strips vary in length, most with several 1 x 1.5 frames, medium-format strips with 2.25 x 2.25 frames. Very Good plus overall, with curling, light foxing, a few stray closed tears, tape ghosts, and bruises.

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